Apr 28, 2016

12 “Don’t bite the hand that feeds” - Perception can be deception

I often hear people use this statement "don't bite the hand that feeds" to sum up another’s seemingly ungrateful, disrespectful and overall bad attitude toward another who is the provider, the giver, the “saviour” so to speak and while that may be true in some situations it is not always true to all situations and should not be generally apply to all.

What I have observed with many people that apply this parable, “don’t bite the hand that feeds” or “he/she is biting the hands that feeds them” is often not privy to all the facts. It is a blanket determination of a person or persons supposed character. Frankly “don’t bite the hand that feeds” is a moral judgment.

The truth is "the hands that feed” can often occupy dual or multiply roles and those roles may not always be to the benefit of the “eater” i.e. the benefactor because the “hand that feeds” can also be the hands that strangle, choke, beat, violate, negate, oppress and depress.

We should all exercise caution before predetermining who we believe a person is or is not based on what we perceive. 

The Moral:
It is wise to not judge what we do not have all the facts to for what we see is not always what is. What looks good is not always good and what we may “perceive” about a situation or others may crumble under the reality of truth for perception without facts to create certainty is just perception not truth. 

"Perception can be deception" --

think before you speak....

Apr 17, 2016

24 Rise Through Adversity

The sun shines everyday no matter the weather. It rises through the storm, in the rain, during cloudy hazy days, in subzero temperatures. Lets embrace the sun's philosophy and rise no matter the situation and challenges.
All photos were taken by me D.S.B.S.Rhapsody

Apr 9, 2016

24 A Trillion Reasons Why

There are a trillion reasons why...
One could not,
Would not,
Did not, 
Have not,
May not...do this or that
There are few reasons that really matter.
Whether or not you want to, are obligated to
Or committed to keep it real
Drop the bullshit excuses


Who you are, what you choose to do and not do, say and not say and the excuses for not following through, fulfilling, manifesting, implementing your truth, destiny, purpose is all up to you. You can give all the reasons why, they may all be valid and true, yet, in the end they are still excuses because the power is in your hands, heart, mind, body and spirit to bring all into being..

Mar 30, 2016

16 Let us adapt a new attitude

We live in a society that unfortunately seems to encourage the disparagement of others. One of the biggest culprits is the media, television entertainment,news, magazines etc and how we participate and perpetuate voluntarily and involuntarily when we knowingly partake loving the salacious gossip and critical tear downs including the workplace, clubs, coffee shops, homes etc.

The reality is, we become part of the problem when we purchase/burrow, read those malicious tidbits then compound the problem by going to the various social media platforms/blogs to propagate the nasty toxic behavior that regrettably has now become the norm. Yet we are surprised and horrified at the escalation of bullying taking on new and gruesome dimensions in the cyber world with its disheartening consequences.

Most things can be used for dual purposes the good and the bad. We as individuals have to decide which side we want to come down on and take responsibility for our own actions and what comes out of our mouth. People who salivate at the power given by “Anonymity” hiding behind fake names and profiles like gossip rags with their “close source,” that work to meticulously destroy people’s lives/character are no better than those who would rob others at gun point. 

The pen is as might as a sword or in this analogy, a gun. Words are weapons, they dangerous, they wound and you can’t roll it back in like an unraveled ribbon and everything will be ok.  We all have an individual and collect responsibility to not be part of the problem rather we should be part of the solution. Do not lend your ear to gossip, do not let your being be the toad stool upon which other people cast their stink eroding droppings. 

In this new year, let us adapt a new attitude and dare to stand up for what is right, not because it would gain us points and popularity but because if the shoe were on the other foot and we were being maligned, harassed and bullied we would want someone to champion us and dare to rise up and take a stand on our behalf. Let us dare to NOT participate in gossip. Let us dare to speak directly to the ones we feel is offending/offended us. Let us dare to be transparent in how we think, reason, behave and deal with people. Let us dare to live a life with personal integrity even if it means standing outside the “inner circle.”

“It is easy to criticize others, to list their faults. However, before casting aspersions, first take a look at self before condemning anyone else.”—DBS.Rhapsody

It would benefit us all to….

“Be careful of the seeds you sew because you may not like the harvest of consequences it yields.”—DSBS.Rhapsody 

Mar 17, 2016


Some days my puddle is just a puddle
Small, insignificant, barely existent much like a tiny drip
Other days it enlarges and grazes the souls of my feet
Barely enough to touch my toes
Shielded by the barrier of my shoes however…
More noticeable, shimmering
Reflecting, mirroring my denials
Forecasting stubborn unfinished truths
Putting me on notice
In those moments when the truth refuse to be denied
I gaze resign and anxious at my puddle’s transparency
Almost mocking in its exposure
Revealing everything beneath
Pure truths, stark naked and unbending
Shamelessly moving through a rancid path from yesterday into today
Stealing away my confidence
Leaving flakes of sadness and poisoned laughter
Clinging bitterly to my throat

Some days my puddle is my coffin
Overpowering, strangling hope,
Dismantling dreams
From its nonstop dreadful stink of yesteryear
Round in the belly of my psyche
Other days my puddle shifts
From beneath my feet
To huddle in my nose
Stealing my breath
Blurring my vision
Pushing me maliciously toward despair
But stubbornly I reposition myself
Poised and filled with a robustness birthed at the feet of anguish
That merged and morphed through the ages of tribulations
Defiantly I blow it out
Triumphant and euphoric
I reduce my puddle to just a puddle again
A tiny speck
Barely discernible
That for the most part
Goes unnoticed

Written by D.S.B.S.Rhapsody(c) all rights reserved. 
Wallpaper image from http://hampix.blogspot.ca/
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