Jul 23, 2016

0 Communication - Speaking without words, a conversation on a crowded bus

Coming from a Caribbean culture where the eyes and facial expressions in communication is just a potent as words and hand gestures’ I find myself in an unexpected situation that required I access those very innate practices.

On the last leg of my journeyed commute to work

I sat in the crowded bus to work doing some entertainment reading "Never Love A Lawman" by Jo Goodman. When the automated system announced the third to last stop to my destination and then stopped to pick up passengers. I closed my tablet, put it in my bag and sat back till my stop.

Passengers boarded the bus amongst them was a young man in his late 20s to early 30s who stood at first off to the side of me. I will call him Mr. No Words. I smelt him before I saw him. People shuffled around making room for more passengers and Mr. No Words ended up directly in front of me. I looked up briefly, one because the scent seemed closer and two to acquaint myself to those around me. Mr. No Words looked like he smelt, as if he’d rolled out of bed after not showering the night before and left the house without changing or showering. His camouflage three quarter shorts and stained white T-shirt were wrinkled and he had crust in his eyes and bridle drool on the left corner of his mouth. He looked straight ahead. The bus was packed. I quickly scanned the crowd around me mentally assessing the best exit plan for when I reached my stop. I surmised since I was closest to the front door I would exit there. I gauged roughly how much people I'd have to weave myself through and sat back patiently.

As I sat mentally organizing my work day I suddenly felt it, a slight pressure on my left knee. I registered it but dismissed it as the bus made a jerky stop start. Then, I felt it again, only the pressure was more significant and the bus was driving smoothly. I became a bit uncomfortable and thought, 'is he deliberately pushing on my knee?' I advised myself to pay attention and if it is indeed what I suspected then I would deal with it. No sooner had I finish the thought when I felt even more pressure pushing on my left knee tenfold, then a pull back and a hard push again and again. The bus was at a traffic light not moving. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. I set my face and deliberately looked while slowly casing his whole body noting his budding erection. I met his eyes and lustful leer fiercely with what my daughters call "The Dead Face" and "Do Not Fuck with me eyes." Mr. No Words backed off and back down immediately. I rang the bell for my stop. I looked up at him again dead face and got up from my seat. He moved back and to the far side where he first stood ensuring our bodies would not touch, so much so that he was squeezing himself. I laughed inwardly but kept a serious outer demeanor as I maneuvered my way through the crowd and out the bus. I did not look back.


I hate dealing with that shit.

Chuck it up to another day in the life of a city commuter.

Author: D.S.B.S.Rhapsody©All rights reserved.

Jul 12, 2016

18 Adapting to the Alternative - Construction Season:

Construction, it is something one has to factor into their repertoire when living in the city and commuting. It can be a trial on ones patience, time and tolerance unless you approach all the diversions and adaptations you have to make to accommodate the necessary changes with acceptance. Thus was the approach I took when I knew 2 months prior via email of the coming construction that will impact me on my route to work.
The beginning:
On June 17th I worked late and came out and walked right into the Italian Festival in full swing. Clueless I walked along with the crowd to satisfy my curiosity after 15 minutes boredom set in and I turned around and headed in the direction that would take me home. It was then I noticed the additional barricades and signs notifying pedestrians of the coming construction to commence June 20th.  In my head I began to plan for the coming Monday June 20th. I start work at 10 am so my intention was to leave home by 8 am to accommodate all the diversions, detours and passengers confusion that will occur as a result. Sure enough it was pandemonium. Streetcars were replaced by buses with 75% less space capacity. Passengers were irritated, impatient and confused by the route detours and how they would be able to access their particular destination point, they were not prepared and the adjustment did not come easy.
I was prepared for the changes. I listened to the route attendant on the first day explaining the bus detours route and selected the option that best work for me. I was not pressed for time as I had left in early to accommodate the madness I know would ensue. I was 5 blocks to my job. The bus stopped 3 blocks shy of my destination which meant I had to walk 3 blocks to work. In the evening after work the process was pretty much the same. I had to walk 3 blocks to the nearest active bus stop. I walked 6 blocks a day and on days when buses were delayed which happened a couple of times I walked 11 blocks. I did this from June 20 – July 11th and I found that although I was tired at the end of each day it was not so bad. Sure it meant I reached home later and traffic was a bear at some points. However I adapted well. I think in part because I was prepared for it and I adjusted my thinking and just accepted that for a period of time I will have to deal with changes. The reality was there was little I could do to change the route interruptions due to the construction however I had all the control on how I dealt with the situation and the changes necessary to moving forward. Now things are back to normal and I have the gift of the lesson imparted by the experience.
My point:
Accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can. Find a way to adapt and keep it moving.

Jul 11, 2016

28 Heavenly Divine - My Prayer

This week, this is where am sitting – in prayer.
Blessings to all of you.
HEAVENLY DIVINE Heavenly Divine, grant me patience when I am at my wits end,
Wisdom to speak clearly without being offensive or defensive
So that my voice is heard,
My points understood,
To bear fruit and manifest gloriously.
Give me the courage to walk away
When every temptation to do battle is nipping at my heels,
Biting at my shoulders,
Crowding up my head,
Springing water in my mouth,
Sitting on my lips,
In my hips,
In my ears,
And in my fists.
Divine father as I sit here in my imperfectness.
Teach me the value of silence and the knowledge therein.
Teach me to walk in grace,
To be fearless yet wise in my countenance,
To rise when I feel like sinking,
To persevere in seeming hopelessness,
Guide my footsteps and set my course.
Raise the veil from my eyes, ears, heart, and mind
Granting me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding
So that I may see, hear, feel, articulate, know, smell, taste, sense
And comprehend all that will attempt to defeat my mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit.
DSB Rhapsody © 2007-2015

Jul 3, 2016



“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you cannot practice any other virtue consistently.” Dr. Maya Angelou

Grafitti Pop & LocS by frank morrison

This week’s mantra


I am Courage


I will meditate on it


I will practice it


I will breathe it in


I will live it


I will internalize its virtue


I will be


I will


I am



D.S.B.S.Rhapsody©all rights reserved.

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art: Grafitti Pop & LocS by frank morrison

Jun 26, 2016

16 What’s on my mind - In this moment……

In this moment

On my mind, is

A quiet murmur

That Circulates

Noting elaborate

It just echoes through self-examination

Nothing judgemental,

Just a simple training of thought that continually whispers…...

Protect your mind

Filter what goes in

Examine what’s there

Do some pruning

Weed out that which is toxic

That which chokes excellence

Leave no room for the seeds of doubt

Do NOT let doubt bloom,

Do NOT give doubt fertile soil to germinate, take root

Protect your mind

Let that which inspires, motivates and validates your best self be the fertilizer that nourishes your being.

In this moment

That’s what’s on my mind.



D.S.B.S.Rhapsody©All rights reserved

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