Jan 11, 2017


8:05 pm
Tired from a long day I rode the escalator to the bus platform. As I reached the top I took a quick glance at the schedule, it read DUE. I hurried my steps, rushed to the platform and happily boarded the bus. I thought 'no wait time, yes!'  I pulled out my tablet and began to read half listening for my stop.

8:15 pm
As I read I heard a stop announced that I was not familiar with. Alerted asked the driver, "what bus am I on?"
"The 20," he announced.
"Damn" I exclaimed.
"What?" the driver asked.
"I boarded the wrong bus," I said.
"What bus did you want?" he asked 
"The 113," I answered.

It was raining outside, the ground is sloshy with a mixture of snow and rain. I decided to stay on to the next subway as the 113 bus also stopped there. I said to the driver, "I will go to the other subway with you." After a few minutes he suggested I get off at a stop where he usually pass my bus on the way down. I thought 'mmmm, good idea." I asked, " Can you let me know when I get there?"
"Yeah sure," he answered. I went back to reading.

9:40 pm
I got off at the suggested stop. My phone rang, it was my mom. We chatted until my bus came.

9:45 pm
The 113 arrived, it's sign said SHORT TURN. I thought 'oh no' I asked the driver, "how far are you going?"
"To hell," he announced crackling at his own humor. The passengers in the bus laughing answered, "he is going as far as Birchmount." 
"Thank you," I sighed and boarded the bus. The rain was non-stop and I was tired and getting cold.

10:00 pm
Uncermoniously dumped off at Birchmount I crowded into the bus shelter against the cool rain. Somebody farted and I quickly exited preferring the cold rain to the toxic stinge.

10:05 pm
The second 113 bus arrived. I thankfully boarded. I special requested (allowed after 9 pm) a stop in front my building. The ground was covered in slick ice and slosh. I walked gingerly picking my way through slowly like a 97 year old with a walker.

10:15 pm
I made it. Home at last.

Lesson of the day?
Look before you leap.
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