Aug 3, 2017



A little taste of yesteryear • Operating and Riding the freight elevator. Why you ask? Well the newer model broke down • The first time I operated and rode this I was terrified • It stopped between #floors because I didn't press correctly, my #heart was in my mouth. I took a breath, self-talk "just breathe it will be alright, don't panic, think." I Prayed, "Lord, merciful Father, Jesus, forgive me my laziness, I didn't want to walk down 5 flights of stairs in the quiet building, so I opted for the lesser of  two evils + it is quicker. I am trusting in you Lord to get me through. I am going to help myself so you can help me." I took another breath and pressed basement (Street level- who knew!) and Lord have mercy I saw the light of the exit and the streets. I said so much thank you to the Divine I am sure he keeled over laughing saying, "this child of mine is a riot." I did learn a great lesson though - take time to think before letting panic set in and take over. Ever get stuck in an elevator?

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