Sep 2, 2017


Last night I was on the train coming back from hanging out with a friend after work. I had bag filled with mouth watering delights; Roscas (2) - Portuguese bread-like pastry bread with coconut and cinnamon and a dozen Bolinhos de Bacalhau or Salt Cod Fitters or as I delightfully discovered (when I tasted it) we Trini's call accra.  Ha! I was so tickled. My friend thinking she was introducing me to something new only to discovered its a tasty morsel I grew up eating. People we are not as different as we think - ha! same food different name. Anyway where was I before i went off on a food tangent....oh yeah. I was on my way home on the train when an elderly couple came in.

The couple sat opposite me on a two-seater. I could tell they have been together a long time by the way they moved with a synchronicity that bespoke years of being together. The had a body language that didn't require words. He would look at her and she would just answer with a nod or a hand jester. As I observed I saw he retrieved his iPod and selected a song. He then took the earphones and inserted one side in his ear and extended the other to her. She took it and placed it in her ear then the both shared a smile and sat back. I thought. It must be love if you don't mind sharing ear wax, not to mention  bacteria, fungus and infections.

This is where my eldest daughter would say, ewe, Mom! I know some of you reading this would say,. jeez she took a perfectly romantic story and killed it. Well I say, I am as much a romanticist as the next person I just am not so romantic that I am willing to share ear wax, fungus, bacteria and possible infections that's all.

Keeping it 100%
Stay blessed.

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